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Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

The most common workplace injury occurs when an employee falls down at work or during a work-related activity. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) has estimated that slip and fall injuries account for more than 20 percent of all workplace injuries.

Any employee who suffers injuries from a slip and fall accident is entitled to certain benefits. Unlike most personal injury cases, showing fault is not required in a workers' compensation case in Florida. Instead, just the fact that the injury occurred in the workplace is sufficient to file the claim regardless of who was at fault.

Many slip and fall accidents cause "soft tissue" injuries. Other common injuries suffered during a slip and fall can include injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and abrasions and contusions. More serious falls can cause deep cuts, a herniated disk, injuries to internal organs, traumatic brain injury (TBI), or even death

Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents in Miami, Florida

If you were injured in a slip and fall at work in Miami, FL, in Miami-Dade County, or the surrounding areas of Broward County or Palm Beach County, then contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney at The Hoffman Firm.

Attorney Evan Hoffman has the experience to help you after a serious injury. He can help you protect your rights so that you can recover and get back to work. Call The Hoffman Firm at (305) 940-2307 today to schedule an appointment to discuss your slip and fall injury at work.

Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace

A slip and fall (or trip and fall) in the workplace can be caused for a myriad of reasons including:

  • Inadequate lighting

  • Uneven floors

  • Lack of warning signs

  • Spilled water, oil, or other liquids

  • Broken stairs or handrails

  • Elevator accidents

  • Exposed cables or electrical wires

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Seeking Money Damages after a Slip and Fall Accident at Work

Benefits after a workplace injury can include:

  • Payment of medical bills

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehabilitation, and

  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Employees are also entitled to a portion of their lost wages during the time they are unable to return to work because of the injury or for treatment for the injury.

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Fatal Falls in the Construction Industry in Florida

In 2013, there were more than 290 fatal falls in the construction industry out of a total of 829 deaths (35 percent), which makes falls the leading cause of death in the construction industry.

Many of these fatal falls are preventable. Employers and employees need to be particularly careful about the hazards from falls from a roof, scaffold or ladder.

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Additional Resources

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) — Most employers are governed by regulations enacted by OSHA. These regulations help to ensure a safe work environment. A violation can result in fines or more serious penalties. Visit the OSHA website to learn more about the nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness among employees and employers in the construction injury about serious injuries from falls.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health — NIOSH's mission is to empower others through education and to develop new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice. NIOSH aims to control all forms of work-related hazards to ensure safety, health and welfare at work places.

National Occupational Research Agenda — Visit the website for NORA to learn more about the nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness among workers and employers about common fall hazards in the construction sector from a roof, scaffold or ladder.

Attorney for a Slip and Fall at Work in Miami, FL

Contact an experienced attorney, Evan Hoffman, to discuss your workplace injury after a slip and fall. Especially for a serious injury, an attorney can help you procure the benefits you need to get well and return to work.

Regardless of how the injury occurred, your workers' compensation claim must be shown to be related to your performance of work-related duties. For this reason, it is important to report the injury as soon as it occurred. Also, make sure you report all of the details correctly including the time, date, and location.

Especially after a serious injury, an attorney can help you maximize your chances for receiving all of the benefits you need and are entitled to under the law. Call The Hoffman Firm at (305) 940-2307 today to discuss your case and learn about the ways to protect your rights.

This article was last updated on Friday, May 27, 2016.

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All fields are required. The use of this form for communication with our personnel does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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