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Fraudulent Worker’s Compensation

Being injured on the job can cause serious financial and resourceful hardship. These injuries can change your lifestyle, your method of enjoyment, and even your career path. Worker’s compensation was created to aide individuals who have been injured on the job, while performing their job duties.  Faking an injury or making a minor injury out to be more serious than it really is in order to obtain… Read more

Workers Compensation for Volunteers?

What Happens When Volunteer Workers Are Injured? We can all agree that it is good to give back and invest in our communities. Regardless of whether you give time, money, or services, volunteering is encouraged at all levels. We find volunteer opportunities through our employers, at schools, local clubs and organizations, and religious institutions in various Florida communities. What happens when… Read more

Concurrent Employment

Do Worker's Compensation Benefits Cover My Second Job? To make ends meet in today's society, many people take on a second job. Typically, these jobs are small, hobby-like jobs that an individual works at on nights and weekends. Sometimes, second jobs are integral to an individual's finances and budget. If a person is injured on one job, the question often arises; will he or she receive compensation… Read more

County Road Worker Dies from Injuries in May Accident

County Road Worker Dies from Injuries in May Accident The Panama City News Herald reported on June 2 that a 43-year-old Bay County Roads and Bridges heavy equipment operator succumbed to injuries he sustained last month when a man drove his car into him on Thomas Drive as the heavy equipment operator was putting out an electronic sign. “This is a devastating loss to Bay County, and our prayers and thoughts are with his family,” County Commission Chairman… Read more

Senate Bill 1582 –Part I. Worker's Compensation Insurance

Reasonable Attorney's Fees in Florida CS/SB 1582 –Worker's Compensation Insurance changes several provisions of Chapter 440 of the Florida Statutes. The Bill regulates five (5) issues concerning worker's compensation in Florida, most notably, reasonable attorney's fees, and disability compensation. The Bill is set to codify a number of recent Florida landmark Supreme Court Cases – Castellanos v. Next… Read more

Changes to Florida's Workers' Compensation Laws

Changes to Florida's Workers' Compensation Laws Florida laws on workers’ compensation may be subject to several changes in 2017. Last year, the Florida Supreme court found multiple parts of workers’ compensation law unconstitutional. First, in Bradley Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Westphal was denied his constitutional right of access to the courts because of a significant gap in his insurance coverage.… Read more

Business Owner in Federal Prison for Worker’s Compensation Fraud

An Orlando business woman is now serving an eighteen (18) month sentence in federal prison for her workers’ compensation insurance scam which resulted in a profit of more than $17 million for her construction company. For three years starting in May 2013, Orquidea Quezada, owner of Orquicely Construction, hired a number of undocumented workers to perform work typical work duties for her construction… Read more

Getting Worker’s Compensation after leaving the Job

  Getting Worker’s Compensation after leaving the Job In some worker's compensation cases, a former employee may attempt to obtain workers’ compensation for an injury which incurred at a previous job. While this may seem unorthodox to many people, depending on the circumstances, you may still be eligible for workers’ compensation even after leaving your job. Eligibility will rely on a number of circumstances… Read more

No Jury Trials for Injured Workers in Worker’s Comp Cases

When most people think of damages related to work injuries, they picture an attorney arguing their case in front of a jury to explain the need for compensation; however, this is not the case under Florida’s Worker’s Compensation laws. In Florida, injured workers seeking Worker’s Compensation will never see a jury. In fact, these individuals have no right to a jury trial for Worker’s Compensation claims.… Read more

Who Chooses my Doctor if I'm Injured at Work?

Under Florida Worker’s Compensation Laws, there are a number of restrictions on injured workers. For example, injured workers are required to report work-related injuries to their employers in a limited amount of time. Also, depending on the severity of the injuries, the amount of time in which an injured employee can collect his or her payout may vary. Perhaps one of the most shocking restrictions… Read more
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All fields are required. The use of this form for communication with our personnel does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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